My health information. In the right place at the right time.

  • The electronic patient record (EPR) is a personal collection of documents relating to your health. These might include an X-ray, your vaccination card, a prescription for the pharmacy or the hospital discharge report after your last operation.

  • The EPR belongs to you

    The healthcare professionals file these documents in your EPR. You can also store documents such as your glasses prescription, living wills or blood pressure measurements in your EPR. All this medical information, data and documents belongs to you – the EPR belongs to you.

Your documents always to hand

With your EPR, you always have your most important health information to hand: on your computer, your smartphone – at home, travelling or abroad.

Your documents are retained, even if you lose your smartphone. This is because they are not on your device, but rather securely stored with your EPR provider.

You are not obliged to have an EPR. You can choose whether to have an EPR or not.

Share your documents

You alone decide which healthcare professional may read which documents.

With the EPR, you have an overview of your documents at all times and can make your current health information available to the healthcare professionals.

Would you prefer not to look after your EPR yourself? You can also delegate this task to someone you trust. This person may be a friend, a family member or a healthcare professional such as your GP.

How secure is your EPR?

Anyone storing or viewing your documents in your EPR is recorded automatically in your EPR. In this way, you always know what is happening with the documents in your record.

The Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA) prescribes how the EPR must be organised and technically secured.

Every EPR provider is thoroughly checked, certified and monitored. This ensures that your documents in the EPR are protected.

Certified EPR providers are designated with the official security label:

EPR certification mark, which identifies EPR providers as certified offers according to federal law

Last modification 28.01.2021